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Our doors are always open to new members, both men and women.  As our membership grows, we gain more networking opportunities, new ideas and insights, and we can participate more fully in professional and civic  activities.
Not ready to commit to membership?  Just visit one of our meetings; guests are always welcome.
Who can join?  Any person currently employed or previously employed for two years in the Insurance, Risk Management, or related industries, or those persons age 65 or older who have been a member for at least five years, but are no longer employed. 
How much does it cost?  Dues are $121.00 per year (subject to change) and membership in IAIP is included.     
Annual Renewal Membership Dues (Current Members)
* Renewal dues must be paid online - see
Membership Application Form
The membership application is a PDF document.  You will need the Adobe Reader plug-in to open and print the form; or join online at
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