Insurance Professionals of Tulsa - Company Message
By-Laws of Insurance Professionals of Tulsa
The name of this association shall be Insurance Professionals of Tulsa (IPT), an affiliate of the National Association of Insurance Women (International) (NAIW).  The name change will be effective July 01, 2007. 
The object and purpose of this association, organized as a non-profit corporation, shall be to serve its members by providing professional education, an environment in which to build business alliances, and the opportunity to make connections with people of differing career paths and levels of experience in the insurance and risk management industry.
Section 1.  Classification.
A.  Active. Active membership is open to persons primarily employed or who have been previously employed at least two years in the Risk Management or Insurance Industry as defined in the membership eligibility policy.  Active members are entitled to make recommendations and to hold both elective office and appointive office at all levels of the association. 
1.  Active members who have been a member for at least 5 years, who are no longer employed in the Risk Management of Insurance Industry, and who are at least 65 years of age shall be known as "Retired Members."
B.  Student. Student membership is open to persons who are full-time students enrolled in a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours per term in a college or university.  Student members who belong to a local association are entitled to make recommendations and to hold both elective and appointive office at all levels of the association.
Section 2.  Membership.
A.  Application, Renewal, Resignation, Revocation. Application for and renewal of membership shall be made on the official form obtained from NAIW Headquarters and be accompanied bye the required amount of dues.  Membership is effective upon receipt at NAIW Headquarters of these items.  Members belonging to a local association may resign from NAIW by notifying their local association and NAIW Headquarters in writing.  Renewals and revocation provisions are outlined in Article III, Section 2, sub-points C & D.
Section 3.  Dues. 
A.  Dues Payment Dates. Dues shall be payable on or before June 1 in an amount set forth in the standing rules plus the prescribed amount payable to National NAIW, and in accordance with Article III.  National dues shall be due and payable to NAIW Headquarters by July 1.  Membership shall be delinquent if dues are not paid by August 1 and forfeited if dues are not paid by the last business day of August.  All associations shall use the same dues payment, delinquency, and forfeiture dates as pertain to national dues and membership for association dues and membership. 
B.  Partial Dues Payment. Members (other than retired members) who join NAIW between January 1 and June 30 shall pay one-half the annual dues for that year.
C.  Membership Year. The membership year shall be July 1 through June 30.
1.  Local Officers. The officers of this association shall be President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary/Publication Director, Treasurer, and two (2) Directors, one of Finance and one of Education. 
2.  Term of Office. These officers, except the President, shall be elected annually and shall assume office and duties on July 1.  They shall serve one (1) year or until their successors are elected and assume office.  No member shall hold more than one office at a time and no member shall be eligible to serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office.  No member shall be elected to the office of President-Elect unless he/she has previously served one full year on the Board of Directors in an elected capacity.
3.  Duties of Officers. The officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these by-laws, the standing rules, and the parliamentary authority adopted by the association. 
A.  The President shall:
  1. Preside at all meetings of the association and the Board of Directors.
  2. Appoint all standing committee chairmen and other committees as authorized by the association or Board of Directors.
  3. Be an ex-officio member of all committees except Nominating Committee.
  4. Appoint a member to serve as Parliamentarian.
  5. Perform other duties that pertain to the office of president.
B.  The President-Elect shall:
  1. Be an active aid to the President.
  2. Become acquainted with the affairs of the association and prepare for the coming term as president.
  3. In the event of the absence or inability of the president to perform the duties, the president-elect shall perform the duties of the president.
  4. Automatically accede to the office of president at the end of the term.
  5. Perform other duties that pertain to the office of President-Elect.
  6. Serve as Chairman of the Program Committee. 
C.  The Vice-President shall:
  1. Perform the duties of the president and president-elect in the event of their absence or disability. 
  2. Perform other duties that pertain to the office of Vice--President.
  3. Serve as chairman of the Membership Committee.
D.  The Secretary / Publication Director shall:
  1. Take minutes of the meetings of the association and Board of Directors.
  2. Maintain an accurate list of the membership.
  3. Keep the attendance records of membership.
  4. Conduct the general correspondence of the association at the direction of the president.
  5. Perform other duties that pertain to the office of Secretary / Program Director.
  6. Serve as chairman of the Publication Committee.
E.  The Treasurer shall:
  1. Be custodian of all association funds.
  2. Receive all monies and disburse funds only upon the sanction of the Board of Directors or membership.
  3. Pay dues to NAIW as required.
  4. Submit written reports at each regular meeting.
  5. Submit books and records for audit when required.
  6. File any and all tax forms required by due date.
  7. Send membership dues statements.
  8. Perform other duties that pertain to the office of the Treasurer.
F.  The Directors shall:
  1. Perform such duties that pertain to their respective offices.
4.  Vacancies In Office.
A.  A vacancy in the office of President shall be filled by the President-Elect who shall succeed to the office of President for the remainder of the term and then serve the full term for which elected.
B.  A vacancy in the office of President-Elect shall be filled by special election.
C.  If a vacancy should occur in any other office, the vacancy shall be filled by the Board of Directors.
D.  Should an officer fail to perform the duties of the office or be unable to fulfill those duties, the Board of Directors, upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote, may remove the officer from office.
Nominations and Elections
Section 1.  Nominating Committee. 
A.  Nominations.
1.  Membership.  A nominating committee of three (3) members shall be elected in the following manner:
  • The Chairman shall be appointed by the president; the Chairman will nominate the other two (2) members, of which one shall be from the Board of Directors (one appointee shall have three years or more membership and one appointee shall have less than three years membership).  They will be approved by the Board of Directors at the September meeting.
2.  Duties.  The Nominating Committee shall submit at least one (1) name for each office to be filled at the annual meeting.  The Nominating Committee shall report to the membership at their regular meeting in April.  Each candidate shall have consented to serve.
3.  Nominations from the Floor. Nominations from the floor shall be permitted prior to the election.  the candidate shall have consented to serve. 
B.  Elections. 
1.  Officers and directors shall be elected by ballot at the meeting in May.
2.  In the event there is only one (1) candidate for any office, voting on that office may be by voice.
A.  Regular Meetings. The regular meetings of this association shall be held on the third Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise ordered by the association of Board of Directors.
B.  Annual Meeting. The regular meeting in June shall be known as the annual meeting and shall be for the purpose of installing officers, receiving reports of officers and committees, and for any other business that may arise.
C.  Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the president or by the Board of Directors and shall be called upon written request of twenty percent (20%) of the members.  The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call.  Except in cases of emergency, at least three (3) days notice shall be given.
D.  Quorum. Thirty percent (30%) of the members shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting.
E.  Representation at Meetings. This association shall be entitled to representation at the annual convention, regional conference, and council meeting at NAIW as outlined in Article IV, Sections 2.A and 3A and Article VII, Section 3 of the NAIW by-laws.  The delegate shall be the current president and the alternate shall be elected by the membership. 
F.  Proposed Amendments. Members and/or local associations are entitled to propose amendments to the National NAIW by-laws as outlined in Article XV, Section1., A.1 of the National NAIW by-laws.  Proposed amendments for the Council & Regional by-laws may be made by associations as outlined in the regional and council by-laws. 
Board of Directors
Section 1.  Composition. The members of the Board of Directors shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Finance Director and Education Director. 
Section 2.  Duties. 
A.  Duties. The Board of Directors shall:
  1. Supervise the affairs and conduct the business of the association between business meetings.
  2. Make recommendations to the membership.
  3. Be subject to the orders of the membership.
  4. Not act in conflict with actions taken by the association.
  5. Meet monthly at a time and place determined by the Board of Directors.
  6. Perform the duties prescribed in these by-laws, the standing rules, and the parliamentary authority adopted by the association.
Section 3.  Financial Authority. The Board of Directors shall have authority to:
  A.  Expend funds allocated in the approved budget.
  B.  Authorize non-budgeted expenditures not to exceed
        seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00) without prior
        approval of the membership. 
Section 4.  Quorum. A majority of the Board of Directors which will consist of President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Finance Director, and Education Director shall constitute a quorum.
Section 5.  Fidelity Bond. It is recommended that the Board of Directors secure a Fidelity Bond to meet the needs of the association.
Section 1.  Standing Committees. There may be the following standing committees:  By-Laws/National Association, Education/VJ Sullivan, Legislative/Safety, Long-Range Planning (Horizon Plan), Membership, Public/Community Relations, Telephone/Industry Referral.  (Refer to Standing Rules for balance of local committees).
Section 2.  Duties of Standing Committees
A.  The By-Laws/National Association Committee. The By-Laws/National Association Committee shall consider all written proposed changes of the national, regional and council by-laws and standing rules and shall present them to the association with recommendations.  It shall, also, review any local association by-laws and standing rules changes and submit them for approval.  It shall study qualifications of candidates for national, regional, and state offices, for Rookie of the Year Award, for the Claims Professional of the Year Award, and nominees for association alternate to Council Meeting, Regional Conference and Annual Convention and present them to the membership.
B.  The Education/VJ Sullivan Committee. The Education/VJ Sullivan Committee shall recommend and supervise educational programs and courses of study in insurance and related subjects.  The Education Committee should promote NAIW programs. 
C.  The Legislative/Safety Committee. The Legislative/Safety Committee shall keep the membership advised of local, council, and National legislation affecting the insurance industry and shall promote legislative and Safety Programs.  The committee shall foster Safety programs.
D.  The Long-Range (Horizon Plan) Planning Committee. The Long-Range Planning Committee shall recommend goals to the Board of Directors.  To further the purpose of the association and NAIW as outlined in Article II of the NAIW By-Laws.
E.  The Membership Committee. The Membership Committee shall promote membership in the association.  The Committee may provide assistance in organizing new associations.
F.  The Public/Community Relations Committee. The Public/Community Relations Committee shall foster public and community relations shall submit news items and photos of association activities to local press and insurance industry media and to Today's Insurance Professionals editor at NAIW headquarters for publication.
Parliamentary Authority
The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern the proceedings of NAIW in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws, and special rules of order that NAIW may adopt, and any statutes applicable to this organization that do not authorize the provisions of these by-laws to take precedence
Amendments to By-Laws
A.  Amendments. These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting or has been mailed to the entire membership at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which it will be considered. 
B.  Approved Amendments. Approved amendments shall become effective immediately unless otherwise specified in the amendment.  If any amendment to these by-laws causes them to conflict with NAIW by-laws and standing rules, regional or state by-laws, this document shall automatically conform to the National NAIW By-Laws.  A copy of the revised by-laws must be sent to NAIW Headquarters immediately following adoption. 
Standing Rules. 
Your standing rules should include administrative items such as:
  • Budgeted expenses for delegate and alternates to council, regional and national meetings.
  • Reservation procedures for dinner meetings.
July 2007 Revision
Standing Rules of the Insurance Professionals of Tulsa
1.  Membership and Dues
     A.  Dues:
            1.  Local Association Dues:  Local Association annual
                 dues shall be  
                  $23.50 for active members and retired members under
                  65 years
                  of age.  Annual dues for retired members over 65 years
                  of age shall
                  be 50% of the current annual active members rate. 
                  Student members' dues shall be 75% of the current
                  annual active members
                  rate.  Retired Life members' dues shall be 70% of
                  retired members'
                  annual dues.  Dues shall be payable June 1st. 
                  Membership shall be
                  delinquent if dues are not paid by July 1st and forfeited
                  if dues are
                  not paid by the end of the last business day of July. 
                  Dues are for the
                  fiscal year of July 1st through June 30th.
            2.  Local association dues for any applicant approved for
                 January 1st through June 30th period shall be one-half
                of the annual dues for active membership.  Retired
                 active members pay 50% of annual dues. 
            3.  Annual dues may be increased or decreased by 5%,
                  rounded to the nearest dollar.  A vote of the
                  membership is required to change the dues amount.
2.  Officers and Board of Directors
     A.  The Treasurer shall:
            1.  Furnish copy of bank statement on a monthly basis to
                 the President.
            2.  Count all monies collected at the dinner meeting and
                  give count to the secretary to be recorded in the
            3.  Bill members for unpaid dinners and special meetings
                 reservations, with monthly report to the president.
            4.  Checking account balance at the end of the fiscal year
                  to be $500.00.
                  Excess to be placed in a savings account, and if balance
                 is less than $500.00, funds are to be withdrawn from
                  any IPT savings account, except VJ Sullivan Memorial
                  Education Fund.
            5.  Keep books open at end of each fiscal year until all bills
                 for the year have been paid.
            6.  Send dues statement for fiscal year prior to April 15.
            7.  Sign all invoices for dinner meetings and special
                  meetings.  Invoices may be signed by Telephone
                  Chairman or President in absence of Treasurer.
      B.  Board of Directors
                  The Board of Directors shall have the power, by
                  unanimous vote of members present, to ask for
                  resignation of any member of the Board of Directors
                  who is absent from more than two consecutive
                  Board Meetings without an acceptable excuse. 
                  Acceptable excuses include illness, death or illness of
                  member's family, and out of town, if not used to
3.  Nominations and Elections
     A.  Elections
            1.  A majority of the votes cast shall be necessary to elect.
            2.  Ballots to be numbered in order that the tellers may
                 have an accurate count of the number of votes cast. 
            3.  A member of the Membership Committee or member
                  appointed by the board shall check on eligibility of all
                  votes at the time a ballot is delivered.
            4.  Chairman of Tellers Committee shall present outcome
                  of an election to the president and move that ballots be
                 destroyed and furnish count of ballots to the secretary
                  to be attached to minutes for that meeting.
            5.  The time of casting ballots at the election meeting shall
                 be 6:00pm to 7:30pm.
4.  Committees
     A.  Definitions and Functions.  The committees shall perform
           the duties by these by-laws, the standing rules, the
           prescribed procedures guide and the parliamentary
           authority by the Association.
           1.  The Membership Committee shall be composed of the
                Vice-President as Chairman, and two or more
                 a.  Committee shall take suitable steps to extend the
                       membership of the Association and shall annually
                       conduct a membership drive.
                 b.  Committee shall compile, publish and distribute
                       membership roster by the September meeting.
                 c.  Committee shall assist in organizing new
                       associations and work with State and Regional
                 d.  Committee shall compile and distribute to new
                      members a copy of roster, NAIW By-Laws, and IPT
                       By-Laws and Standing Rules.
           2.  The By-Laws and National Association Committee
                shall be composed of the chairman appointed by the
                 president and two or more members. 
                 a.  Committee shall submit all amendments and
                      revisions of Association By-Laws to NAIW By-Laws
                      Chairman for approval.
           3.  The Education Committee shall be composed of an
                 elected director  and two or more members. 
                  a.  Committee shall sponsor all educational programs
                        in the name of the association, to the insurance
                        industry on a fee basis.
                  b.  The Education Director and Committee shall be
                        responsible for the VJ Sullivan Memorial Education
                        i.  The VJ Sullivan Memorial Education Fund shall
                             sponsor at least one scholarship each year.
                       ii.  The monies of the VJ Sullivan Memorial
                             Education Fund shall be set up as a separate
                            account to be maintained from year to year.
                      iii.  Any interest accruing on any savings account in
                            the name of Insurance Professionals of Tulsa
                             shall be allotted to the VJ Sullivan Memorial
                            Education Fund. 
                      iv.  The Insurance Professionals of Tulsa shall
                             contribute $25.00 to the VJ Sullivan Memorial
                            Education Fund in memory of any deceased
                       v.  The April meeting each year shall be designated
                              as a time for special contributions to the VJ
                              Sullivan Memorial Education Fund by
                              assoociation members.  The Education
                              Committee shall arrange details.
            4.  The Legislative/Safety Committee shall be composed
                  of a chairman appointed by the president and two
                 more members.
            5.  The Long-Range Planning Committee shall be
                  composed of a chairman appointed by the president,
                  one past president and one member of the association.
            6.  The Public Relations/Community Relations
                  Committee shall be composed of the chairman
                  appointed by the president and two more members.
                  a.  Committee shall interact with other committees of
                       the association.  Committee especially supports
                       work with Legislative/Safety, Education, and
                        Membership Committees.
                  b.  Committee shall recommend community projects
                        to the  association and remember members who are
                       ill or bereaved.
                  c.  Committee shall arrange for Communicate with       
                       Confidence classes to be conducted each year and
                        shall conduct the Communicate with Confidence
                        speak-off each July at the regular dinner meeting.
                  d.  Committee may take pictures and keep a
                       scrapbook.  Scrapbooks are to be recorded history
                        of IPT and may be retained by the president at the
                       end of the term.
             7.  The Audit Committee shall be appointed by the
                   president at the beginning of the fiscal year. 
                   Committee to be composed of three members, none
                   of whom shall be members of the Board of Directors.
                   Committee shall make the interim and annual audit of
                  the Treasurer's records.
                   a.  The Audit Committee shall audit all funds of the
                   b.  Interim audit to be made as of December 30th with
                        a report to the board and membership in February.
                        Final audit to be made as of June 30th with a report
                       to the board and membership in September.
                   c.  Committee shall deliver the books to the current
                        Treasurer no later than September 1st and shall
                        make written report to the
                         association at the September meeting.
             8.  The Finance Committee shall be composed of an
                    elected director and two or more members.  The
                    Finance Committee shall prepare a budget for the
                    association, sponsor projects to help meet the budget,
                    sell NAIW products and be responsible for properties
                   belonging to the association.
                   a.  Prepare the association budget and submit it to the
                        Board of Directors and to the membership for
                        approval by September.
                   b.  Make monthly written financial report to the Board
                         of Directors and a quarterly report to the
                         membership showing expenditures, collections
                         and inventory of merchandise on hand.
                   c.   Sponsor projects for association budget and
                        coordinate all fund raising projects.
                   d.  Keep an inventory of properties bought or acquired
                        for the use of the association and keep record of
                        location of properties.
             9.  The Industry Referral/Telephone Committee shall be
                   composed of a chairman appointed by the president
                   and two more members.
                   a.  The committee shall prepare the Calendar of
                         Events for presentation to the Board of Directors
                         and membership for approval at the July meeting.
                   b.  The committee shall obtain reservations for the
                         dinner meetings from the membership.
           10.  The Program Committee shall be composed of the
                   President-Elect as chairman, and two or more
                    The committee shall plan programs having a variety
                    of interests for regular meetings and work with other
                    committees on plans for special functions.
           11.  The Publication Committee shall be composed of the
                   Secretary/Publication Director as chairman and two or
                  more members.
                   The committee shall edit and publish AIRWAVES.
5.  Balance of Standing Rules: 
      A.  Delegates and Alternate Delegates to State Meeting,
            Regional Conference and National Convention.
             1.  The Association shall send the President as delegate to
                   State Meeting, Regional Conference and National
              2.  An alternate delegate shall be elected by ballot at the
                    dinner meeting two months prior to the State
                    Meeting, Regional Conference and National
                    Convention, to attend in the event the delegate
                    cannot attend.
               3.  The only paid expenses for delegate to State Meeting,
                     to Regional Conference and to National Convention
                     shall be round-trip air fare, using air coach or
                     tourist, when available, and if the Association is not
                     taking a chartered bus; expense incurred by the
                     delegate up to the cost of one double room rate for
                     length of meeting, conference or convention; plus
                     cost of extra meals which are not included in the
                     registration fee and local transportation and tips.
                     Transportation to State Meetings to be IRS
                     approved mileage if the Association is not taking a
                     charter bus or cost of the airfare if less than mileage
                4.  Delegate receiving expenses from the Association
                      shall attend all of the State Meetings, Regional
                      Conference or National Convention business
                      sessions unless ill. 
                5.  Delegate to National Convention shall be furnished
                      copies of report of previous National Convention
                      and current year's Regional Conference by
                      President and also study the National Association
                      of Insurance Women's By-laws prior to attending
                6.  The candidates for alternate delegate to National
                      Convention shall be members who attended 
                      Regional Conference immediately preceding the
                      National Convention whenever possible. 
     B.  Any monies remaining from State Meetings or Regional
           Conferences shall be set up in a separate savings/money
           market account and maintained from year to year for
           expenses of future State Meetings, Regional Conferences,
           or National Convention to be hosted by IPT.
           This fund is to be available for other expenses when
           approved by the Board of Directors for the following:
           1.  For bids for State Meetings, Regional Conferences or
                National Conventions.
           2.  To pay delegate expenses not otherwise provided by
                Standing Rule 5.A.3.
           3.  To pay expenses for Tulsa candidate for National office
                 of proposed nomination.  
           4.  To pay travel expenses and one half of the doub
                 room rate for Tulsa Regional Communicate with 
                 Confidence winner, Tulsa Regional Rookie of the 
                 Year winner, Tulsa Regional Insurance Professional
                 of the Year winner to the National Convention.
     C.  No Association funds shall be paid to any member for
           any activity on behalf of the Association or its
           committees.  Any exceptions must have approval of
           Board of Directors. 
     D.  Interest Transfer to Regional Conference Fund: 
           When IPT has successfully bid for Regional Conference
            and is working toward the Regional Conference, during
            those five (5) years sll interest from the VJ Sullivan
            Memorial Fund, Savings Account, Certificates of Deposit
            and all interest from the IPT Regular Savings Account
            transferred to the Regional Conference Fund.  The
            transfers will be  made as interest is received.  To be
            effective immediately following the awarding of the bid.
            All references to persons in the female gender in these
            Standing rules shall be interpreted to mean either
            male or female gender.
2004 Revision